Chattanooga Hamilton County TN One Million Dollar Home Sales Since 2006

Chattanooga Hamilton County TN One Million Dollar Home Sales Since 2006

Hamilton County TN One Million Dollar Home Sales

Chattanooga Hamilton County TN One Million Dollar Home Sales Since 2006. Hamilton County TN consistently produces annual double digit Realtor assisted sales of homes selling for more than $1,000,000. 138 homes have sold for more than $1,000,000 since January 1, 2006. Let’s take a look at the areas of Hamilton County and the neighborhoods that make up the sales.

1. Lookout Mountain, TN 28
2. Riverview 26
3. Museum Bluffs (condos) 9
4. The Enclave 7
5. Horizons 6
6. Hill Pointe 4


Museum Bluffs, Riverview, Horizons, Hill Pointe, Lookout Mountain, The Enclave

The sales price as calculated by price per square foot can be grossly misleading. When I average these numbers we are not considering the acreage, views, waterfront, etc. But dang, if they aren’t fun to make quick comparisons. Besides, who doesn’t like a ranking?

1. Museum Bluffs $455
2. Riverview $279
3. Horizons $259
4. Hill Pointe $235
5. Lookout Mtn. $201
6. The Enclave $193

Lookout Mountain homes feature a historic area and many have brow views. The oldest home sold since January 2006 over $1 Million was built in 1890. Riverview is a community close to Chattanooga Golf and Country Club and downtown Chattanooga. The oldest home in Riverview sold in this time was built in 1900. Museum Bluffs is a downtown riverfront condominium. Museum Bluffs was constructed in 2006. The Enclave is located between Hixson Pike and some lots are on the Tennessee River just south of Lupton City in 37415. Horizons is a newer home community in Ooltewah. It is located off East Brainerd Road past Ooltewah-Ringgold intersection. The oldest home was built in 2001. Hill Pointe is a new development in Red Bank. The oldest home was built in 2007 that sold in this time frame. Both Horizons and Hill Pointe enjoy nice views with decent elevation.

Chattanooga Hamilton County TN one million dollar home sales since 2006 are steady. The market inventory is all together a different matter. There are currently 59 active properties for sale in Hamilton County priced $1,000,000 or greater. The sales are pacing 1.5 per month. So there is over 3 years of inventory currently. The lesson is that newer homes sell and location matters greatly.