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Buyer's Agent or Listing Agent? Which One Do You Want To Be?

By Brian Kelly | September 30, 2013

Buyer’s Agent or Listing Agent? Which One Do You Want To Be? Real estate is a service business. The consumer wants service during evenings and weekends. That is the most convenient time for buyers. Sellers have a need to relocate. They need a consistent campaign. So how do Realtors focus and choose which of the…

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How To Rent Your Chattanooga House

By Brian Kelly | September 29, 2013

How to rent your Chattanooga house. With careful minded sober thinking and fear. I attended a wedding Saturday. A young man named Todd asked me, “so … how is the real estate market?” I told him and his father-in-law my observation of the market, as I did in this blog post. He then went on…

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Real Estate Investor's Chattanooga House Disappears Suddenly

By Brian Kelly | September 28, 2013

Real estate investor’s Chattanooga house disappears suddenly. The house was lost forever but the land remained. Let me tell the story from the beginning. An investor came into my office (circa 2004) rather exited and said “the house I bought is gone!” This statement is not the usual way a broker starts his day. I…

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Smart Chattanooga Home Buyers Purchase Boundary Surveys

By Brian Kelly | September 27, 2013

Smart Chattanooga home buyers purchase boundary surveys. Surveys are great tools. They are great representations of “real property”. What is a real property or boundary survey? It is a legal document…here is a definition from I am not a surveyor. So I am not qualified to speak to the merits of different types. I…

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Real Estate Sales Done Daily Wins

By Brian Kelly | September 26, 2013

Real estate sales done daily wins. Winners in real estate awards used to get plaques. The certificates behind plexiglass would read how many in millions were sold. I remember certain sales people would stack their awards beside the desk because they did not have enough wall space. The consistent top producers did their activities daily.…

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Young Home Buyers Are Wise

By Brian Kelly | September 25, 2013

Young home buyers are wise. I am encouraged about our future because I have worked with young people buying homes. All three couples that I worked with are hard working and using good common sense. They are looking at the following things: 1. Their budget and not going “house poor” 2. Deals – 2 bought…

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Realtors Fake It Till You Make It Because Buyers Are Liars and Sellers Are Too

By Brian Kelly | September 24, 2013

Realtors fake it till you make it because buyers are liars and sellers are too. Why do real estate agents embrace these quotes? Why are they perpetuated years in the industry? At the foundation of the words is blame shifting. Something happened because I am not willing to take personal responsibility for the outcome. My…

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I am a Realtor Server not a Born Salesman

By Brian Kelly | September 23, 2013

I am a Realtor server not a born salesman. My first cut at sales was at Thrasher Elementary school on Signal Mountain, TN. Each year the students sold chocolate bars. We raised money for classroom window air conditioners. I still remember the first house in Skyline Drive subdivision I walked up to. The older lady…

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I Didn't Mean To Be A Real Estate Agent

By Brian Kelly | September 22, 2013

I didn’t mean to be a real estate agent. It just seemed to happen to me. Here’s my version of the story. In first grade at Thrasher Elementary in the 70s, I had three occupation choices, 1. Policeman, 2. Fireman, or 3. Astronaut. My decision at the time was Astronaut. I remember watching Neil Armstrong…

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Give a Realtor a Personal Referral and with Social Media He Will Sell the World

By Brian Kelly | September 21, 2013

Give a Realtor a personal referral and with social media he will sell the world. Play on the Archimedes quote “Give me a place to stand on, and I will move the Earth”. Archimedes was talking about a lever. The new leverage today is social media standing on the internet. Facebook, Twitter and Google+ give…

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Brian is an invaluable resource for anyone in the Chattanooga area looking to purchase property. He is professional, kind, responds to texts and calls the same day--often within minutes--and is careful to give his clients the information they need to make their decision without being pushy. He has helped us purchase our own home as well as several investment properties. I wish realtors everywhere worked like he does.

Lisa DeWaard
Single Family Buyer


Brian was the best!! He is very knowledgeable, and understands what you are looking for. He will go the extra mile to help no matter the time of day!!! Would highly recommend calling him before anyone else.

Rick&Tina Riehle
Single Family Home Buyer

Brian was very helpful to us in finding a new home. We appreciated that he was attentive to lots of small details which helped the process go smoothly. We had specific zoning requirements that needed to be met and he carefully researched every property. Brian was very attentive to our needs and responsive when we called with questions. Brian wasn't pushy, in trying to get us to look at properties, but searched for properties in the specific areas we were interested in.

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