What Would You Tell Your Younger Self?

What would you tell your younger self? This is a frequently asked question of Entre Leadership podcasts from Dave Ramsey. It is a super question. I sometimes think if I could go back in time and have coffee with young Brian. What would I tell him? Here are a few topics:

1. Turn to God frequently and for little things. Early in my adulthood, I thought my Maker wanted me to handle as much as I could on my own and rely on Him for the big important stuff. Wow… was I wrong on that one. God is into the details.Young Ross Man

2. Embrace asking others for help. Learn to receive it. Slow down and ask for help.

3. Invest in counseling early. You think you are only sporting a carry on. There are a few trunks of crap you ain’t seeing yet.

4. Take more time with your beautiful wife. Shut up, face her, look her in the eyes and listen.

5. Keep a journal daily and don’t give excuses about why you couldn’t do it. You need to find your heart.

6. Be intentional about spending time with a few guys. Maybe take up golf earlier or play in a band, or camp/hike.

7. Spend more time with your children when they are little and do not think that your work is so important. It isn’t.

That is a good start to the coffee conversation… Oh, and one more thing Brian… wait one year before you sell your house in Franklin, TN. The value will nearly double. Oh… and yet just one more thing… buy some Apple stock. The brand will be stronger than Coca-Cola by 2013.

What would you tell your younger self?