Buyer's Agent or Listing Agent? Which One Do You Want To Be?

Buyer’s Agent or Listing Agent? Which One Do You Want To Be?

Real estate is a service business. The consumer wants service during evenings and weekends. That is the most convenient time for buyers. Sellers have a need to relocate. They need a consistent campaign. So how do Realtors focus and choose which of the two main areas to work on?

A listing agent is a more traditional path to Realtor success in the long run. Realtors like this path for the following reasons:

1. More structured schedule. You set the plan with the seller when you call for feedback. You schedule Open Houses and marketing events.
2. Marketing yourself is a self perpetuating machine for additional listings down the road.
3. You will be good at marketing to your fellow professional as well. You will need their buyers.

A selling agent serves the buyer. Here are characteristics of a good buying agent’s business.

1. The buyer is more demanding of your schedule. The Doctor that is coming into town and may or may not get the job wants to see 10 houses over the weekend. You gladly do this because your contact will continue to send you referrals and one will get the job.

2. There is generally less overhead associated with advertising expenses with this model. (As a general rule)… Note : I have seen some buyer agents (with sophisticated marketing campaigns) who have spent big bucks to find steady streams of buyers.

3. You see lots of inventory and know your negotiating skills. You also have formulated good questions to ask everyone.

Of course there is a balanced approach and do both. My experience has been that people tend to choose one route more than another.

As an overall observation, I would say that Buyer’s Agents tend to be savvy negotiators, frugal, and generous with their time.
Listing agents tend to be more promotional, marketing driven animals.

Buyer’s Agent or Listing Agent? Which One Do You Want To Be?