Where Did You Grow Up?

Where did you grow up?

I like to ask this question as a buyer’s agent. It gives me a perspective and context so I can serve more effectively. The questions you ask will allow you to gain understanding of a buyer and their needs but also help them make a decision as well. This is a sales business. Realtors need feedback.

Here are some questions you should ask when working with buyers:

Prior to Showing:

1. Will you be paying cash or using a loan? The first gate to qualify purchasers is their ability. Nail this one at the front end. They do not pass GO if the answer is NO.

2. When are you needing to take occupancy? Need to know when the need for shelter is priority.

3. What are you imagining your commute to work to be like? Distance does not equal time. Especially at rush hour. Most people talk in time not distance. Time is more important.

4. Describe your ideal home, neighborhood and community. A great open ended question designed to get them to talk.

At the property:

5. Can you see yourself living here? If the answer is “Yes!” Shut up and Skip to Number 8. This question is designed to start the buyer on an imagination journey.

6. Where would you place your furniture if you purchased this home? Take the imagination process to a deeper more specific level. People will tell you if grandma’s dining room suite will not fit and it is a requirement.

7. What would you change about this house to make it fit your needs? This is a very important question because people are generally truthful about it. Take in what they say and apply it to next showing. Only go here when you are not getting buying signals during the showing. Notice that I used the word “house” not home. Home is used when buying signals are strong.

8. Would you like to buy this home? Seems obvious, but I have worked with agents who use the “wear out” method. That is what I call showing as many houses to someone and “wear out” the buyer, you and your car until they buy something. Very similar approach to the joke about the Bible salesman who stutters. He stands on the porch and says “Ma’am I .. I .. I can stand here here here and read read read you the Bible or you you you can just buy one one one and read read read it yourself.”

These are basic questions for a buyer’s agent toolbox. Where did you grow up? The answer may tell you much about the meaning of “home” for the buyers inner child. Listen carefully. That will serve you well.