Over 50 Percent Of Chattanooga Homes Sold By Top 10 Percent Of Realtors

Over 50 percent of Chattanooga homes sold by top 10 percent of Realtors. That is a very compelling fact that there are 145 hustling agents selling half of the sales. Perhaps a bigger story is 963 agents sell the other half, while twenty five percent did not sell anything in the last year. So what does this mean?On Stage

The most important factor is a trusted relationship in real estate. Skill, service, and care are close behind relationship. Why do I say this?

The story here is the 963 agents who participated in half of the sales. If advertising trumped relationship then the number would not be that high, because the top 10% of agents spend a large portion of income on advertising, teams, and employee support, etc.

Relationships built on trust create word of mouth referrals. Referrals from friends and work mates generate real estate sales.

Let me tell you a story. I recently sold two homes for friends of mine I have known for years. They also happened to be former clients from years ago. There word of mouth referrals have helped me close 4 homes and 1 commercial building in the last 12 months, with one in possibly 2 more before the year ends.

As an agent, a broker, husband, father, I can tell you that I have way under estimated the value of relationship.

A relationship that is built on trust. Caring enough to go beyond expectations will simply propel a decently skilled Realtor to success.

Serving people with a heart believing in the dignity of the profession of sales as a noble and caring calling that respects earned trust with others is all a person needs to be wildly successful in real estate.

Over 50 percent of Chattanooga homes sold by top 10 percent of Realtors (145 agents), but they cannot buy the loyalty away from the customers that chose 963 others.