Working on About Me Brian R. Kelly

Working on About Me Brian R. Kelly. My current About Me Page is like many. It expresses the victories and accomplishments of what is mostly a successful real estate career path. (can you say Resume?) But if you really want to know About Me, then I need to tell some additional stories.Brian

A biography of my life would read like home town kid done good. At least up until 2007. The circumstance of the real estate market changed. My decisions became more challenging and I made multiple bad personal, money and real estate decisions. A stupid decision was to enter into credit card debt to pay bills in the short term. Instead of being realistic about my current situation I turned to my entrepreneur heart and started businesses outside my acquired skill sets. More poor decision making. That lead to $140,000 in un-secured debt.

My best decision was re-dedicating my life to God and surrendering my prideful spirit. I left arrogance and my selfish spirit at the foot of the cross. God was able to start using me again to help others.  Real estate is a fairly deep skill set for me, so I  started Liberty Commercial Real Estate Company with a partner in 2008.  I started Liberty Homes Chattanooga in 2012.

I have been able to serve home sellers and buyers recently. The unsecured debt of $140,000 is down to $80,000 and falling. God is very good!

Why do I work? What am I passionate about?

I love challenges. I am creative. I love thinking about the vision of a better future. I love encouraging people and families. Leaving good things behind for future generations gets me excited. I love research.  So helping people market their house to sell and helping folks dig to find their new home is something I enjoy.

I believe that marketing and advertising is changing dramatically.  In order to best serve serve my clients and customers, I am creating massive content.  Exposure to smart phones is quickly becoming the “game” for maximum marketing punch.  Too often I am seeing owners really wondering “Why” are they spending so much money on real estate agents.  Realtors are comfortable in patterns.  We all are.  But let’s face it, the way we find information about homes is changing Quickly!

I really believe God challenged me to write a blog post for 45 days straight. He built me, so He knows how to lead me where I can help others.

A few childhood stories so you know my spirit.

Failure event in life: I failed to make the second cut on my Junior High basketball team. Coach Hawkins, of the Signal Mountain Eagles, came back to me in science class two weeks later and offered me a spot on the team because some folks left team. I told him no. Basically, with the attitude you didn’t want me then, can’t have these mad basketball skills now. Bad decision – ruined a great NBA career.

Success event in life: I made the cut for the Chattanooga Youth Symphony as a trumpet player. I remember the first time walking into the practice hall and hearing the strings play Christmas music. I thought I was in a living recording (a record – for the older than iTunes generation).

Failure event in life: First day on the job clearing trees with a Stihl chain saw. I failed to understand that standing 4 feet in the air on a partially felled tree while cutting a tree above my head was a bad idea. (Visions of Wiley Coyote are appropriate here) I wondered why Hercules (honest – his Mama named him, and trust me he was most likely a very large child) stopped work to watch me cut a simple tree. A few seconds later I realized he was watching mostly for entertainment value. Fortunately for me I still have all my appendages and all that I lost that day was the wind in my lungs and my pride. (Wish pride had stayed there…reference story above).

Success event in life: Senior class beauty of Red Bank High School 1981, Mary Dee, asked yours truly to the Sadie Hawkins Dance. Saying “Yes” changed my life forever for the better.

I am approaching 5 decades of life. Failures and successes are behind me. I will wake up Lord willing tomorrow. I am excited about the possibilities and so hopeful about the younger generation coming up. I will surrender my will and report for duty and my orders. I will still be working on About Me Brian R. Kelly.