People Connection Drives Real Estate Technology Change

People Connection Drives Real Estate Technology Change

Palm Pilot Wind Chime

People connection drives real estate technology change. The devices are faster, brighter, and upgrades rain down faster than a summer shower. All the rain is washing into creeks of social media, tablets, smartphones, and laptops. The river of technology is wide and moving pretty quickly. All of the waters of tech flow straight into the open mouths of people insatiable in their thirst to connect. The demand to tell their story, connect with their tribe, family, loved ones, and express themselves in visual art, music, words, and dance.

The picture of the Palm Pilot reminded me of a cool tool that I used to own. A creative artist is using an old Palm Pilot as a wind chime. I took the picture for the benefit of a friend that actually has a working Palm Pilot. In her defense she uses it as a device to open Supra Lock Boxes for her real estate business. Real estate is all about people and properties. The Palm Pilot held an amazing amount of people and could sync your email contacts with your database. A portable private phone book. I loved my ability to carry thousands of people with me. (metaphorically of course)

Fast forward to 2013. I showed a home this afternoon. Parents are walking around holding an iPhone and Face Time showing their daughter the view. Giving a limited experience to their loved one who was 2 states away. Connection..

Last night we were eating dinner and someone remembered the cartoon dog character named Smedley. Some could not recall the character. My daughter had no frame of reference. Smartphone to the rescue. A few seconds later we were all watching a clip from Chilly Willy on Youtube. ( I would not necessarily recommend taking the time to watch it. Muttley has a better dog laugh)… We connected a memory and brought a story from the past into the present connecting generational stories.

If you are on Facebook, how many “friends” have you connected with that you have not seen in years. Perhaps decades! Connection… We crave it, we need it. We simply need to encourage, reach out, tell stories, laugh, cry and inspire.

Real estate needs connection. It demands it. We can share the experience of looking at a new home. We watch videos, listen to stories and read the words.

Real property has a place. The axiom is Location, Location, Location. So true. People have connection. The real estate business is about connection, connection, connection.

People connection drives real estate technology change.