2013 Top Home Selling Neighborhoods on Signal Mountain TN 37377

The 2013 top home selling neighborhoods on Signal Mountain TN 37377 so far in mid August are as follows:

37377 TN

Welcome to Signal Mountain, Tennessee 37377

1.) Hidden Brook (13)
2.) Birnam Woods (9)
3.) Old Town (7)
4.) Boulder Point (5)
5. Fox Run (5)
6.) Carriage Hill (3)
7.) Holly Meadows (3)
8.) Holly Springs (3)
9.) Westfield (3)

**Note: these are the ones with at least 3 sales.

So far 165 homes have sold on Signal Mountain, TN. That is up from 135 same period in 2012. The low price so far this year is $38,699 on Oak Street. The high was $943,500 on East Brow Road. The average $/sqft overall is $108. The days on market is 122 for the ones that sold. Something that is fairly meaningless but interesting is the average age home was built in 1978 and is 2,800 sqft. That is interesting to me because I was built in 1963 and spent most of my childhood on Signal Mountain, and almost another decade in the 90s there. The dynamic of development on Signal Mountain has been interesting to observe.

Signal Mountain is a wonderful community. Check out the basic facts at this wikipedia site. There are about 3,000 households and 7,600 people living there.

I grew up at 1615 James Blvd. It was close enough to walk or bike to Thrasher Elementary school. I remember always wanting to get a head start before Mrs. Keith (second grade teacher) left the parking lot in her Dodge Charger. She was fairly small in stature and I could just she the top of her head behind the steering wheel.

I grew up on the corner of James Blvd and Skyline Drive. We enjoyed a few great sled runs down two hills at Skyline Drive subdivision. Especially when conditions got icy on top of snow.

When I was 6 years old we had a large snow on Christmas day. This is a video (on location) about the day.

Signal Mountain, TN 37377 Home Sales

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