Why God Asked Me To Blog Real Estate 45 Days Straight

Why God Asked Me To Blog Real Estate 45 Days Straight

Brian Kelly Blogging

Why God asked me to blog about real estate 45 days straight. To Change me. He is changing my heart and wringing out future “orders”(for the military minded) or business plan (for the entrepreneurs). This is day 35 and the vision is coming into focus. The focus is my heart surgery. It’s all about me. (Keep reading… it may not be what you think) My Maker is asking me to respond. The broken pieces needing attention are the following:

1. Relationship: The primary being the one with my Maker. I trust Him alone. Like King David, I have proven I cannot trust my own heart. He will always encourage me, heal me, discipline me, love me. Who doesn’t need that Papa in their life? My response is a constant race running to Him.
2. Responsibility: It’s all about me! No blame on anyone else. It is my deal.
3. Becoming trustworthy: Three things here are A.) walking the talk, B.) demonstrating care through connectedness, and C.)dependability.
4. Using gifts: My gifts are quickly initiating action and research. Those gifts need to be used inside a framework of…
5. Diligence: Words are critical. Jesus is the Word! Reading Isaiah 30 this morning “Words streaming from his mouth, searing indicting words! A torrent of words, a flash flood of words sweeping everyone into the vortex of his words.” Words are powerful. Putting them into universe filtered through hearts is his pleasure. So every day, I search for them and blog.

There was once an selfish leader who focused on business for business sake. Being number one was a focus regardless of the cost, personal and human. “Business is business”, was his worn phrase applying to recruiting, hiring and firing. He listened to some who promoted positional power and fear to cover personal weaknesses. Sadly and regrettably that flawed man was me.

Graciously my Maker did not give up. Neither did a few encouragers in my life. So my response? Watch and see, why God asked me to blog real estate 45 days straight.