Sell your home with video

Video Helps Sell Homes

Video Helps Sell Homes

Sell your home with video.  Video tells a story.  The story can take you on a journey.  The trip should engage your senses and curiosity to cause you to explore the question “Can I see myself living here?”

The purpose of the video below is to help the viewer understand the neighborhood and then tell the story about the home itself.   My thought in this first effort was to focus on creating a desire to visit.

The video is professionally shot and produced. This makes a huge difference!

As I am writing this August 17, 2013 there are over 7,100 views in two months of the video. I am paying for Google adwords to get the video seen by people in the area or relevant viewers like regional golfers.

The home as of the writing is still for sale but we did have three interested parties come take a look today at an Open House.

There are several points to highlight regarding video:

1. 7,200 views on limited budget (less than $300 in 2.5 months) to mostly local traffic is worthwhile viewership. Exposing local Realtors to video is also good because they have 80% chance of bringing our buyer.

2. Seller is well served because we are getting more targeted exposure to property. (In this case, males make up 55% of viewers and ages 35-54 makes up over 50% of viewers)

3. The cost of views for Facebook advertising is more expensive but far higher engagement! On my business page I experienced a great number of comments and feedback on the video.

4. Mobile devices like iPads, and smartphones are driving video consumption. Over 138 million in the US alone. I hope they are not watching the video while driving to work.

5. Realtors get to project their personality to others and establish some rapport. This is a professional agent’s selfish perception, but if that agent has credibility to buyers and other agents then the seller is well served as well.

6. Some agents are asking their sellers to get involved and tell the story of “why” they purchased the home and hidden aspects and features some folks never realize until they live there a while.

Video to sell your home will be with us until hologram marketing comes out. Time to engage and do it!