Real Estate Sales Done Daily Wins

Real estate sales done daily wins. Winners in real estate awards used to get plaques. The certificates behind plexiglass would read how many in millions were sold. I remember certain sales people would stack their awards beside the desk because they did not have enough wall space. The consistent top producers did their activities daily. Diligence over time wins great achievement.

I just returned from a meal with family. 41 days ago, I felt called to write a blog post every day for 45 days about real estate. I had no idea what writers for newspaper columns faced when a deadline was coming up and the blank page was staring back at them. It is 10:02 on a Thursday evening. I need to print out a disclosure and covenants and restrictions for a showing in the morning. I need to complete another 6 hours of online continuing education, and I have two hours to complete a story. My commitment to this daily blog is haunting me. So I am fighting back resistance with some stories about daily discipline. Back you devil!

Allow me to tell you a story:

One of the Realtors I admired early in my career was Mary Ruth Cook. Mary Ruth had discipline and perhaps some type of special power. She had daily routines that were admirable, but the oddity that most intrigued me was what she did not have. She had nothing on her desk! I concede she had a phone, but nothing else! No awards, papers, magazines, nada, zilch. She did use these things at times, but when she left the area, the desk was clean.

Mary Ruth had been in the real estate business for 50 years. When we drove down the street on tours, she could tell you the history of families that lived in homes. She had an amazing mind for details.

I specifically remember one office agent home tour. We piled out of 2 cars and quickly went through a red 2 story near East Ridge. The house was cluttered and I remember thinking, how in the world will they sell without getting rid of stuff? I was more intrigued by the piles of things around the property than the old home.

When we got back to the office, I wanted to watch the habits of Mary Ruth and how she operated. She took out some notes and picked up the phone. I will never forget her phone call to the buyer. Mary Ruth acknowledged the buyer and went back through the what she heard the buyer wanted and said, “well let me tell you about the perfect home for you”. Mary Ruth painted the home to the buyer over the phone in detail. Like an artist she covered the entire canvas with details I had never noticed about the cluttered home. They met at 1pm and before the afternoon was out, a full price offer was submitted.

There are many lessons in Mary Ruth’s efficient style of working. The most important for the sake of this blog post is listening to clients daily, observing the details, and keeping all the other noise and clutter away from the process of showing respect and service to her clients. Doing this consistently and daily allowed her to prosper through the decades.

Well, it is only 10:44 now and hopefully I have encouraged you with 2 true stories. One of a diligent professional who kept the important things in front of her, and the other of a 2 decade Realtor that is learning the practice of daily discipline in internet marketing. Real estate sales done daily wins.