LegalShield Small Business Plan Protects Real Estate Brokerage

LegalShield Small Business Plan Protects real estate brokerageLegalShield Small Business Plan protects real estate brokerage. Broker/owners have a lot of risks. We are dealing with the public and emotional property and transaction issues. Many problems are covered after the fact of lawsuit. Legal problems are prevented with my Legal Shield small business coverage plan.

The greatest value of LegalShield’s Small Business Plan is the ability to pick up the phone and ask questions regarding hiring and firing, worker’s compensation, contract review, joint ventures, city zoning, vendor issues, etc. I do not have to worry about choosing the correct attorney for the question and then dealing with the aggravation of paying an unknown amount for the advice. I know what the bill will be each month and I know if the lawyer does not know the answer they will research the issue and get back with me. I was amazed at the research completed by the Tennessee law firm for an issue related to an unlicensed investor purchasing an option. The law firm did a great deal of research on Tennessee law as it related to previous court cases and specific language in the state real estate code.

My real estate company has general liability and errors and omissions insurance. The Legal Shield policy accomplishes a few things for me as a business owner, which are as follows:

1. Valuable research and answers to unlimited questions during business hours. Prevention of future problems.
2. Review of agreements and signed contracts.
3. Legal correspondence. Writing letters to get things accomplished.
4. 75 Hours of Pre-Trial and Trial Defense if company is named defendant in civil action.
5. 25% discount on any additional legal fees if needed.

One of my agents and my company was sued by an investor purchaser this year. My E&O company and Legal Shield worked together to help me defend the suit. The suit was dismissed and I was a relieved broker.

I grew up around the real estate business since the 70s. I have been serving in the real estate brokerage business since 1991. The family real estate business has seen thousands of property transfers. In 2006 the company had 14 office locations and over 400 agents and over $20 Million in commissions collected. I am not saying this in a boastful way, I am saying I know what it is like to see 5 figure legal bills on your Profit and Loss statement. In have been in court representing a seller defendant and I have had to go to court to sue a developer/builder to collect earned commissions not paid. Hind sight 20/20, I could have saved much money using the Small Business Plan of LegalShield.

But, no time like the present. I started a small real estate brokerage firm and now I do use the Small Business of Legal Shield plan to protect it. I found out about the plan from an investor attorney who has the plan for his property management business. I purchased a family plan to protect my son going away to college. I liked it so much, I bought the small business plan and then decided to sell it to others as an extra income. LegalShield does not solve all your business problems, but used well, they can save you lots of time and money in legal fees. Check out my website to find out more about the plan. Call me if you want to find out why I choose LegalShield Small Business Plan to protect my real estate brokerage.