I Didn't Mean To Be A Real Estate Agent

I Didn't Mean To Be A Real Estate Agent

I want to be an astronaut

I didn’t mean to be a real estate agent. It just seemed to happen to me. Here’s my version of the story.

In first grade at Thrasher Elementary in the 70s, I had three occupation choices, 1. Policeman, 2. Fireman, or 3. Astronaut. My decision at the time was Astronaut. I remember watching Neil Armstrong step on the moon in 1969. We are at my grand parents house. Wow, just think, travel to outer space and drink unlimited Tang drinks! Our principal, Mr. Wheeler, did his level best to encourage us to consider the Navy. I must admit it was never a temptation. There was not much water around our home. Tennessee has plenty of trees. Acorns make great ammunition in yard battles – if Military I was going Army. (funny how future events unfold)

Going through school, I changed my aspiration from Astronaut to fighter pilot. Not only was that really cool, it seemed a bit more practical. Dad encouraged me to get a military scholarship. I did win a scholarship, but alas my near sightedness was a handicap for flying, so I chose the Army. (Acorn experience comes in handy).

I took the Army scholarship to Vanderbilt University in Nashville, TN. By this time I was thinking businessman or preacher. I decided to take the technical business route believing that God needed Christians in the computer field.

I wrestled a computer science degree from Vandy’s Engineering School. When I finished in 1986, I was faced with a choice. I could choose the Army Reserves for 8 years or infantry for 4. God lead me to Ernst & Young in the manufacturing systems consulting business.

In 1990 Desert Storm and a new born son (my wife was 8 months pregnant when my commander called me to active duty) snapped me to attention. I was a new Father and realized that a traveling job was not good for my family. I decided to move back to Chattanooga and jump into the family real estate business.

This was the beginning of my journey to becoming a Realtor. I wanted to be an astronaut. I didn’t mean to a real estate agent.