Five Easy Steps For New Real Estate Agent Success

Five Easy Steps For New Real Estate Agent Success

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Five easy steps for new real estate agent success.

1. Surrender the process to God, pray, choose a leader and a tribe that shares your values and demonstrates care and success in building warriors. Follow people with a credible track record. One of my teacher/mentors was a good For Sale By Owner or FSBO prospector. He shared stories and would dialog with us to help overcome known objections. Experience is a great teacher. If you can learn from someone else’s failures, you do not have to repeat them.

2. Make a simple written plan with a mentor. The plan will include dates, specific measurable goals, and your signature. Do not under estimate the power of this exercise. Plan time with God and family first, Then schedule your business. I allowed business to trump my family time (Huge Mistake!) If you have ever kept a journal or diary you know the written word will re-wire your brain.

3. Prospect, diligently, daily, no exceptions, building trust. The Only thing you have in this business is your reputation and how you handle relationships. Trust is made up of 4 components: Your ability, Your believability, Your connectivity, Your dependability. You will gain ability over time and more quickly than you realize. (ask for help, tell the truth, Don’t “Fake It till You Make It”) Believability is presenting who you advertise. If your high school picture is on your website, your credibility instantly diminishes when the customer meets a different looking person. Your connectivity is crucial. Follow up is the devil for most agents. You start serving the out of state couple on a three day tour and it is difficult to remember the email you told your friend you would send a week ago. Frequently “touching” the circle of people that care about you is powerful.

4. Promise little, listen, deliver more – Just listen. Listen with your eyes and observe body language and not just the words. Listen to gain understanding of desires and wants. The emotional expression from spoken desires translates into fulfilling them if you can pick up on them.

5. Weekly track with your mentor, coach or leader – Celebrate incremental successes of prospecting goals met, etc. Your loved ones want to see commission checks, but early in your career you need cheerleaders that celebrate the smaller victories that lead to big checks later. I am thankful to have written over 32 consecutive daily blog posts. Give, give, give, consistent daily good things will pay huge dividends later.

Do what others are not willing to do on a daily basis. Be consistently planning, prospecting, serving, learning and celebrating. Five easy steps for new real estate agent success.