Chattanooga Weather

Chattanooga Weather

Chattanooga Sky In Lookout Valley, TN

Chattanooga weather. Why is a Realtor talking about weather? Because Chattanooga weather affects your home, your mood, and your lifestyle. Life in Chattanooga, TN enjoys a temperate climate. Highs in the summer reaching in 90s and lows in the winter in the 20-30s.  September 3, 2013 the high is 88 and low at 6am is predicted 65 degrees.

Chattanooga, TN enjoys 4 seasons. We enjoy relatively mild winters with 2 or 3 snow or ice events. Spring brings rain and warmer temps. The warmth of the longer days causes green to rise from the valley floor to the top of Walden’s Ridge. Summers are fairly hot and humid. Fall is my favorite season in Chattanooga because drier cool crisp air floats in. The coolness brings about gorgeous leaf colors. The mountains that surround Chattanooga provide a warm red, yellow, and brown mosaic quilt in late October.

Micro Climates in Chattanooga

Is it raining at your house? Chattanooga is wonderful mix of terrain. The Tennessee River winds around the valley floor (Chattanooga elevation is 680 above sea level). 1,700 feet above the river local mountains guard Chattanooga and the valley below (Lookout Mountain, GA elevation at High Point is 2,392).  Hang glider pilots enjoy the thermals that are caused by air currents and temperature differences. It is typically warmer on the valley floor by 6 – 10 degrees than on top of the ridges.  I lived on Signal Mountain, TN and remember frequent foggy winter conditions.  The temperature and elevation differences can result in a bit more ice and snow on the mountains.

Weather Trends

I grew up in Chattanooga, TN in the 1960s and 70s.  There are temperature inversions that happen. The EPA documented a study in 1967 about Chattanooga air.  Chattanooga was a much more polluted city in 60s. Temperature inversions frequently trapped the smog layer below warmer air above. Chattanooga is much cleaner now, check out this article about the process.

Weather has changed over the decades.  As global weather patterns shift, Chattanooga weather is not immune. I have noticed more tornados in the last few years near Chattanooga, TN. Local buyers more frequently ask for basement homes now.  Chattanooga seems to have warmer winters than previous decades.  We also take part in unusual weather patterns.  The summer of 2013 is one of the wettest summers I recall.  The typical August in Chattanooga calls for irrigation to your thirsty landscaping.  The winter, spring seasons bring more liquid sunshine.

Local Weather Radar

Two local TV stations, WRCB and WTVC provide local weather radar apps. These apps appear to have the same engine from Intellicast. The best thing about the local apps is area news alerts. One of the best weather apps regardless of location is AccuWeather.


Chattanooga weather provides for great outdoor activities.  People from Texas are always amazed at how green Chattanooga is.  Folks from Western states are surprised at the amount of liquid in the air (humidity).  Chattanooga weather is a tad mysterious and fun.  It reflects the terrain, water and the people.