Realtors Fake It Till You Make It Because Buyers Are Liars and Sellers Are Too

Realtors fake it till you make it because buyers are liars and sellers are too. Why do real estate agents embrace these quotes? Why are they perpetuated years in the industry? At the foundation of the words is blame shifting. Something happened because I am not willing to take personal responsibility for the outcome. My encouragement to you and myself is to be bigger than that.

Keep asking the question “What can I do to make a difference?”

How do you take responsibility when many individuals depend on each other? Keep asking the questions “What can I do ?” What could I have done differently?” “Can I go to someone for help or training?”

It may be the loan officer’s fault that the loan fell through. What could I have done differently in the process to insure that it will not happen again?

Real estate agents owe a responsibility and duty of care to their clients. It may have been another person’s fault the showing information did not get to the seller. But ultimately the “buck has to stop somewhere”. Let it be with you.

Shifting blame may seem to make you look better for a moment, but in the end you are destroying a bit of your own soul when you play the victim to circumstance.

Please understand that this is a difficult post to write because I am seeing me in the mirror as I write this. This is a wake up call to myself and all fellow Realtor professionals.

Let’s make our industry better by raising our level of performance. We can do this by asking ourselves “what can I do to …” because
the weak and the blaming are the ones that encourage Realtors fake it till you make it because buyers are liars and sellers are too.