Raccoon Mountain Inspires This Real Estate Agent

Raccoon Mountain Inspires this real estate agent

Raccoon Mountain Inspires this real estate agent

Raccoon Mountain inspires this real estate agent.

Last Friday I spent a good chunk of the day at TVA’s Raccoon Mountain.   TVA Raccoon Mountain Pumped Storage Plant is located just outside of Chattanooga and Lookout Valley.  Lookout Valley has been home to my family almost 13 years.  One of the most incredible blessings of this area is the TVA Raccoon Mountain Pumped Storage Plant.  The plant itself is an engineering marvel, but I am referring to the park and trail area in this article.  The park area is home to 21 miles of trails, picnic areas, boat ramp, and so much more.

I need to bring balance into my life.  One of the most important relationships in my life is the one I have with my daughter.  She is a young adult, but to her papa she is still my little girl.  So what can be better than a day in the “park”.  We hiked a bike trail that meandered near the bluffs.  We played frisbee at the ball field.    We met volunteers near the volleyball area.   The volunteers normally greet folks at the visitor’s center.  The visitor’s center was closed for repairs this day so they were outside.  They handed us maps and told us stories about the facility and area.  But the best part happened when one lady pointed out a strange bug moving.  The bug was a cicada coming out of the shell.  We experienced a “birth”.  We took pictures and studied the intricacy of its new wings.

Raccoon Mountain’s natural area has been a family favorite for the 13 years we have lived in Lookout Valley.  I love the views it the area offers.  Whether it is a picnic by the Tennessee River in the river gorge or watching eagles from the Visitor’s Center overlook, there is always something fun to see.  It provides a green peaceful place to see the beauty of our area from many different vistas.

Mountain bikers love Raccoon Mountain.  Check out this website for events of SORBA, (Chattanooga Chapter of the Southern Off Road Bicycle Association).  We noticed a new biking parking facility with amenities for changing, air, and washing.

We are not mountain bikers, but we found it easy to share the trails with them.  Regardless of  your interests or time, I highly recommend a visit to an incredibly beautiful spot.  Raccoon Mountain inspires this real estate agent and it very well can be a worthwhile visit for you as well.