Twitter for Real Estate Agents – Keep it Real

Twitter? Really? I am a busy (49 year old) real estate agent who happens to not need “yet another thing” to complicate my life. Twitter seems to be a plaything for kids. Yes, and kids are buying and selling real estate. Soo, old timer suck it up and represent yourself on Twitter because it is worth paying attention to. 500 million people are registered users. Twitter is not only a good place to communicate to your buyers and sellers but also other pros and business partners. Twitter is also a great marketing link tool to other social media and email marketing. Read the book “Crush It” by Gary Vaynerchuk. In it he tells the story of him turning his Father’s liquor store into a $60 Million business online using Twitter. He did it by listening to people on Twitter. Isn’t that where good customer service starts? Listening to your customers. Old school works with new tools. Time to learn real estate agent!