Who believes in you?

Who will be encouraged today because of what you say or do?  Came by a quote attributed to Abraham Lincoln that reads “I’m a success today because I had a friend who believed in me and I didn’t have the heart to let him down.”  Don’t get me wrong, regardless of whether or not Lincoln really coined the phrase doesn’t matter to me.  The thought is true.  The words beg me to reflect on who believed in me and how did I respond?  And then even better who am I believing in today so that I am building life in someone else?

My wife, Dee Dee is the biggest cheerleader in my life.  Embracing rejection in the real estate business is part of the job.  There are times when money is low and so are my spirits.  You get so excited when a contract comes together and then flattened when a deal falls apart.  Even though I know her heart is sad she finds ways to communicate to me to not give up.  She makes notes and sticks them in lunches or in papers I take to work. I have walked into a room to find her on her knees praying for me and our family.  How many times has she patiently listened to me ramble on about real estate stories she could care less about?  A lot… then she gives me a nod or a big hug because that is just her heart.  I have given her plenty to let her down, and she finds grace and more grace to respect me when I do not deserve it.  That type of respect fuels a desire to not let her down. <!--more-->

So many people in my life believe in me.  My parents, who gave me my huge first shot at running a company, my brother, teachers, etc. The people I work with encourage me.   They believe in me and show up with sunshine each morning.  Hollis brings a smile with his cup of jo each morning.  Harriet leaves me her Ipad cover because she is concerned I will scratch mine.  Tami organizes all the clutter I create in a day and somehow is able to find anything and do it with Ritz Carlton “my pleasure” attitude.  Martin straightens the reader glasses I crushed in the garage door.  Gerry helps me put together my Chilean toilet that I had turned into a bidet with my own “unhandy man” ways.  How do I respond?

There was a tornado watch last night and we went to bed nervous.  God woke me up at 3 am and had me go outside.  It was so peaceful.  The clouds were rolling under the moon as it bathed the back of our home in light.  He told my heart that He believes in me and loves me so much that he does care about the details.  He believes in me and respects me so much that the calmer of storms gives me shot after shot to believe and trust in Him!

God is giving me the permission to smack you upside the head with belief!  Belief that you can accomplish incredible things because that is how He made you.  God believes in you , how will you respond?  Pass it on, find someone to believe in, they may be looking for it right now.