Who Are you? 4 Clues From Kathy Kolbe Will Help

Who are you? My DNA is generationally from Ireland. My father and his father owned and operated small businesses. I enjoy taking risks and thinking about entrepreneurial opportunities. It’s in me blood, so to speak. Although my hair is not red, I do like Guinness. That has to count for something Irish.

Kathy Kolbe grew up in a family business that helped corporations place people in the right org chart block. Her father created the Wonderlic test and she grew up helping her Dad score the results in the basement. Wonderlic measured IQ and other things and helped large corporations like GE place applicants. Kathy saw years of results and realized that many people were very successful but the person didn’t fit well by Wonderlic standards. She also saw people that scored well with Wonderlic but fail at performing certain positions. Kathy saw a need to build a test that helped you identify your strengths in a different way. She built an exam to help you figure out how God built you. The test measures how you accomplish things. This allows you to focus on what you do best. Focus on your strengths and build a complete team around to support your weak areas. If everyone on your team or family takes the test then you have a picture of how to work well with each other. There is no good or bad in any score, it simply gives you a marker that identifies you.

1. First Clue is Fact Finding: On a scale of 1 to 10, how well do you enjoy research and exploring for data? Is Google your best friend?

2. Second Clue: Follow Through: Are you a list maker and live by processes from A to Z?

3. Third Clue: Quick Start: Do you take risk or enjoy new things or do you trust in the tried and true methods?

4. Fourth Clue: Implementation: Do you physically enjoy building things? Are you more hands on, or imaginative by nature?

My score is 6-2-9-3. A risk taking researcher or in plain English, an entrepreneur.

You take a 20 minute test. The entire process can be done online at http://www.kolbe.com. Cost is $50.00. I am not an affiliate.