How to bring income security to sporadic commission earnings

How can you find security in a topsy turvy commission earnings business? Spend some time building a residual based income stream for future peace of mind.

The best business I had the privilege to own was shares in a home owner’s insurance company. The initial investment was less than $7,000 and in less than 5-6 years it paid out over $95,000 because I sold my shares over a 5 year payout. There are many types of businesses that pay money over time and are not tied to constant prospecting and 100% commission. These are great supplements to the real estate agency business because there is nothing residual about real estate commission with the exception of commercial lease payouts that may come over time. The three I touch on in this video are 1. Rental income, 2. Home Owner’s Insurance, 3. and Legal Shield business. Find your residual income source today and start working it.