Legal Shield Helps Protect Your Family

Legal Shield helps protect your family. Family and important relationships are your most valuable asset. At the end of the day who loves you and who you love is the most important thing. All the money you made, and the stuff you purchased will “go back into the box”, so to speak.Legal Shield Logo

I have been listening to podcasts a lot lately. I heard a wonderful story told by Ken Blanchard. Ken is a famous author/speaker and tells the story about reading John Ortberg’s book “When the game is over, It all goes back in the box”. Ken used the book as a subject for a speech. A few days later his San Diego home burned to the ground. He experienced the feeling of losing “everything” of his earthly possessions. In response to the loss he called his friends over to his “yard” and held a memorial service. At the gathering friends tell stories of the wonderful times they enjoyed in their “former home”. He experienced in a real way that your family and friend’s love and relationships matter the most. All the rest goes back in box after you play the game of accumulation and work. Things will not last, but how we take care of property does matter. What we give to others and how we treat people around our “stuff” is critical.

Two real stories from phone calls on Friday August 30, 2013:

This morning a builder friend called me about the dealings he is having with a bank on construction loans. He asks me about his “rights” in the loan agreement, bankruptcy and a tenant situation and “assignment of rents” called due, etc. (among other issues) I do have experience in purchasing notes from lenders and some lender law, but I also know that the scope of my business is ‘Real Estate Brokerage’. So I reminded him again about the LegalShield services and also gave him the names of specific local lawyers I know that can help him in particular areas. I gave him 3 names of lawyers that have narrow specialties. I can speak from personal experience these guys are good and will charge $200-350 an hour. My average bill was around $3,500 for each matter when I hired a lawyer in the past regarding lending law. If he chooses to go with LegalShield he can ask for research in areas and be referred to lawyers with specific knowledge and receive a discount on the hourly fee if he needs to sue a party. (LegalShield is set up as a bank of hours for defending you, not suing another party)

I was speaking with a Mother of adult children this afternoon. She is legally separated from her husband, but technically married. She had rented her home because she was not successful selling it. She moved to another state for employment. Her husband lives in yet another US State. (She is dealing with 3 different sets of state law) She started asking me legal, landlord and estate questions. I am a licensed real estate agent, not an attorney. I know practical ways to help, but she was crossing into matters of law. She needs an attorney…no wait… she needs multiple attorneys. So, I encouraged her to consider Legal Shield as a service. Legal Shield (Basic Service for most US States charges $17.00 a month) and a one time $10 setup fee. She can asks as many questions as she wants during week day business hours. She asked me if she had to sign a contract or sign up for a certain time period. I told her “there are no contracts to sign and the service can be cancelled in writing at any time with no further obligation”. It is a simple month-to-month commitment. I know from personal experience she will receive professional care at a great value. She has many legal questions that involve several states. LegalShield has that covered. My local attorney knows Tennessee really well, but would need to call a “friend” for other states.

The LegalShield service is a super value. The value is realized when you use it wisely. The greatest value is the ability to call and ask unlimited questions without having to worry about the invoice. The money I pay to LegalShield represents my commitment to protect my family and business. The people I love are worth it.