Kelly Family Christmas and Looking Into 2015

Your challenge is identifying Mary Dee, Ross, Rachel and myself in the Kelly Family Christmas reunion picture.  The photo captures a moment outside a courthouse in Williamsburg, Virginia.  The old colonial town is a wonderful place to appreciate America’s birth as well as modern conveniences such as electricity!

The visit was a wonderful gift that capped off a truly blessed Christmas season.  Rachel played her fiddle, Kelly cousins sang and hugged our way into 2015.

January finds us heading into new and familiar ventures.  Mary Dee is continuing her work with children as a Physical Therapist, Ross is back in Connecticut finishing his master’s degree in Education, Rachel is teaching violin, and playing in the band As Isaac, and I am building a new real estate business called Liberty Homes Chattanooga.

Liberty Homes Chattanooga gives my heart a platform to creatively serve folks who need to sell their house or buy a home.  Thank you for being a part of my families life and sharing the journey with me.  The Kelly family Christmas is special because of relationships and shared experiences.  It is my honor to have a relationship with you and come along side you and serve in the experience of “finding home.”