Chattanooga band As Isaac meets Cuban film Producer Axel Arzola by Faith

Rachel Kelly, songwriter and performer, gives rare interview in St. Elmo

Rachel Kelly, songwriter and performer, gives rare interview in St. Elmo

Chattanooga band As Isaac received a huge gift from Cuban born film producer Axel Arzola.  Axel heard the music written by As Isaac and immediately related to the test of his faith as he pursued asylum in the United States.  He wanted to give his gift of film making in the form of a music video to the band to say “thank you”  to God for allowing him to pursue his dreams here.

Axel and his wife Kretel are native Cubans.  He grew up loving to film and video.  His work started to receive international attention and he received invitations to attend film festivals in France and Canada.   Axel and Kretel knew their best opportunity to seek asylum in the U.S. was during the film festival in Canada.  Axel shared his fear as they traveled miles and left most belongings as they approached the border.  His contact in the states was Dr. DeWayne Knight.  Dr. Knight is the team doctor for Lee University athletics.  Dr. Knight received a phone call from the border patrol while at a tennis tournament that Axel and Kretel were under his charge.  Dr. Knight made sure that with nothing but backpacks and little money that Axel and Kretel made it from Canada to Cleveland, TN.

As Isaac is a Chattanooga band that started at Calvary Chapel youth group.  Pastor Kenny Engels asked the band to lead music worship for the youth.  The band took a life of its own as the members started writing their own music and playing different venues.  Kenny and Calvary Chapel decided in faith to send the band to Nashville to make a recording.  Don Chaffer recorded and produced some of the songs they wrote on a CD titled Hastening The Day.  As Isaac’s song Speak Lord, spoke to Axel about his test of faith in coming to the United States.  His response was to offer his work as a beautiful gift of thanks to God in the form of a music video.

The video shoot was 16 hours and a first for the young band.  The band members talk about their experience in this Youtube video.  The band members are Zachary Tate Smith, Peri McIntosh, Rachel Kelly and Kristian Croxall.  Nathan Shirai, drummer, mandolin, keyboards, artist of CD cover is a regular and Stephen Humphries is a welcome guest artist that plays at times with the group.

Yes, it is true that Rachel Kelly is my beautiful daughter.  It is also true that the blog author is humbled and honored to be her papa.  So without further ramblings, here is the music video of Speak Lord, written by Rachel Kelly and performed by As Isaac as captured, directed and produced by the talented Axel Arzola, who was delivered by the hand of God to Cleveland, TN.  May your faith be strong to take you to new songs and other countries as he leads you!  Speak Lord!