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I am considering changing the brand at Liberty Homes Chattanooga. Liberty Commercial Real Estate would stay the same. The possible change would be for the residential brand only. The working team would actually work with a new company. The company I am thinking of aligning with is publicly traded on NASDAQ. It has revenue streams other than commissions from home sales. The revenue stream can be included in your will and vesting can take place within 3 years. It is a cloud based company and touts no requirement for physical office space. Watch the video and if led share your wisdom in your comments below.

Considering brand change at Liberty Homes Chattanooga
party pool entertaining area for 2418 Woolson Road

Liberty Homes Chattanooga listed an all brick ranch featuring a 44,000-gallon L-shaped pool. The pool entertainment area is contained with new wooden privacy fencing. Party guests can access the home at the lower level or step up to brick paver patio and covered deck. The covered deck and patio overlook the swimming area. The deck and patio have doorways entering the kitchen as well as the den/great room area. There are nearly 3,000 square feet of living space.

The home was built in 1962 but feels much younger. The owners, since 2017, replaced/installed the roof, windows, fixtures, glass doors, kitchen appliances and even the damper in the wood-burning fireplace. The kitchen features LG Studio stainless matching equipment with a convection oven. The new flooring in the basement which is daylight and opens to the pool and entertainment area has new lux waterproof 20-year vinyl. Many lighting fixtures are new. Click this link for video.

The lot is 1.36 acres. There are 2 additional lots that face North Crest Road that are available that are not included in the listing. The location just off North Crest Road is convenient to downtown Chattanooga and to the abundant shopping and dining of the Hamilton Place Mall area. Schedule a tour of 2418 Woolson Road, Chattanooga, TN 37406 quickly, because the inventory of homes is really low. This one is sure to sell soon.


Chattanooga Home Sales Market

The Chattanooga homes sales market is very good.  There are roughly 500 homes sales a month in Hamilton County, TN for 2017.  There are 1,500 homes currently listed in Chattanooga MLS for sale.  Three months of inventory is a very low historical number.

Million dollar homes are selling at a record pace.  27 properties sold for $1,000,000 or more in the first seven months of 2017 in Hamilton County.  Only 15 sold in the same time period in 2016.  So the inventory of upper price properties has fallen from 4 years of inventory just a few years ago to 14 months in 2017.

The average price per square foot has increased 10% ($112 to $123) from 2016 to 2017 when looking at homes selling in the $200,000 – $299,999.  New construction homes in the same price range are selling at $150/sqft and are around 1,800 sqft.  New home sales in this price range made up only 14% of overall sales.  Prior to 2008, new home sales made up roughly 20% of the Chattanooga market.

So, if the market is so hot, then why is my house sitting on the market for months?  628 houses of the 1,509 houses for sale in Hamilton County, TN have been for sale over 90 days (41% !).  When most houses sell in less than 2 months, why do so many homes sit around?  My personal experience with buyers is they are wanting renovated or new properties.  If your home is dated and shows wear and tear with a premium price, then it will be over looked.  Buyers tend to charge much more in their mind for renovations when they see a property that does not capture their immediate “move in” mindset.  This is a gross blanket statement and so many variables are at stake.  Each property is unique and the reasons that make a home appealing to one person may be offensive to another.

I showed homes to a family from California recently and they were escaping an urban environment east of LA desert.  Privacy and the peaceful lush green landscape was calling their name.  They wanted a few acres in a rural setting, which is not typical of many buyers.  The point being that shoppers want different lifestyle amenities and “feelings” based on their story.

So, in conclusion, the Chattanooga home sales market is very stout.  You have to get to the $500,000 price range before you see double digit inventory levels.  The worst price category is only 14 months of inventory, which has been close to 48 months in the not so distant past.  We need more home sellers and builders to soak up the demand that we are currently generating.

Liberty Homes Chattanooga has helped over 40 families in the last year, it will be an honor to serve you in selling your house or buying your new home !


One Level Living in Ooltewah

10419 Fielding Road in Ooltewah TN

Sun Room at 10419 Fielding Road

Are you looking for a one level home with the kitchen and pantry near the garage and split bedroom floor plan in a neighborhood providing county taxes and super location?  Perhaps you will make 10419 Fielding Road, Ooltewah, TN 37363 your next home.

There is also a large extra tall storage shed in the back yard if you have more things than the walk in closets and attic storage allow.  You will find features like hardwood in the den and two additional bedrooms.

The yard is over a half acre and the addition of the sun room overlooks a peaceful wooded scene.  Walk out from the sun room onto the deck for entertaining.  The formal dining room is 14′ x 11′, great for your next family gathering.

Hamilton on Hunter - One Level - Ooltewah

10419 Fielding Road, Ooltewah TN 37363

3125 Pintail Lane Signal Mountain, TN 37377

Experience warmth at 3125 Pintail Lane Signal Mountain TN 37377.  You can be in a rich wood paneled den playing billiards or relax in the hot tub in the wooded back yard.  Either way you will feel cozy in this stately brick home near the cul-de-sac.  The home is located in Fox Run.  Fox Run started several decades ago and is still experiencing new home construction growth.  The tennis courts are a fun community feature not far away.

The current owners have loved this home and updated it in so many ways.  New laundry room added, new bathroom added, kitchen upgrades, bathroom upgrades, hardwood staircase and treads, new lighting throughout, deck expansion and hot tub added, even the crawl space received a makeover with total encapsulation and de-humidifier.  You can see more photos here at Flex MLS Link .

The children are grown and time for this family to relocate and transition into another stage of life.  You will now benefit from the care they have shown this beautiful home.  Come visit 3125 Pintail Lane, Signal Mountain, TN 37377 and see how your family can experience the warmth of this home.


Kelly Family Christmas and Looking Into 2015

New Years in Williamsburg VA

Your challenge is identifying Mary Dee, Ross, Rachel and myself in the Kelly Family Christmas reunion picture.  The photo captures a moment outside a courthouse in Williamsburg, Virginia.  The old colonial town is a wonderful place to appreciate America’s birth as well as modern conveniences such as electricity!

The visit was a wonderful gift that capped off a truly blessed Christmas season.  Rachel played her fiddle, Kelly cousins sang and hugged our way into 2015.

January finds us heading into new and familiar ventures.  Mary Dee is continuing her work with children as a Physical Therapist, Ross is back in Connecticut finishing his master’s degree in Education, Rachel is teaching violin, and playing in the band As Isaac, and I am building a new real estate business called Liberty Homes Chattanooga.

Liberty Homes Chattanooga gives my heart a platform to creatively serve folks who need to sell their house or buy a home.  Thank you for being a part of my families life and sharing the journey with me.  The Kelly family Christmas is special because of relationships and shared experiences.  It is my honor to have a relationship with you and come along side you and serve in the experience of “finding home.”



View from 410 One North Shore Chattanooga TN

Discover why the rental at 410 One North Shore condo gives you the best of Chattanooga lifestyle.  Living at 410 One North Shore gives your morning coffee a  richer flavor as you look out over the parks and Tennessee Aquarium from one of your two private outdoor covered balconies.  Views are wonderful from any room as the floor plan is open providing plenty of natural light in the dining and living room.  The open rooms have recently been decorated with a light neutral palette.  Each of the two bedrooms enjoy a door to the outside space of a covered patio.  The living space of the condo is subtly divided into a kitchen, dining, living and office area.  There are two full bathrooms and a separate laundry room.  410 One North Shore features over 1,600 square feet of heated and cooled space but also comes with an additional storage room.  If you do choose to use a car then you can venture out of your enclave using your remote gate opener to leave the lower parking deck because the unit comes with  2 side-by-side parking spaces in a lower secured garage.

Life at One North Shore condominiums is becoming the standard for enjoying downtown Chattanooga and a growing North Shore area.  North Chattanooga is flourishing from new green space and trails of Renaissance Park, Coolidge Park, Walnut Street walking bridge,  Tennessee River access, along with new shopping and dining opportunities.  Whole Foods Grocery is a short walk across the road and Publix Grocery is just around the corner.

Fitness opportunities are plentiful indoor and outdoors.  You can find your fitness niche in the area because just a few include the following:  yoga, paddle boarding, kayak, martial arts, trails, and swimming.  Water is one of One North Shore’s features with their resort style pool that allows you to walk in beach style.  You can enjoy the inside workout equipment at One North Shore fitness room if weather is bad.

Your social life can only be enhanced with party areas such as the 6th floor penthouse club room, or the outdoor/indoor cooking and bar areas overlooking the pool at One North Shore.  North Chattanooga’s most popular vertical neighborhood also enjoys their very own concierge service.

You can begin to imagine why 410 One North Shore condo rental on 200 Manufacturer’s Road provides you a unique Chattanooga lifestyle experience.  Schedule your visit to 410 One North Shore by calling Brian at 423-665-9768 and see this condo and rental opportunity in person. See more photos here at http://www.homes.com/property/200-manufacturers-rd-chattanooga-tn-37405/id-219002266/

Youtube Video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1728gHjLWCU


Honest Politician and A Christian Realtor Go Into A Bar

Honest politician and a Christian Realtor go into a bar. Sounds like the makings of a fun joke. What is the punchline? For me? everything. I have worked to reconcile faith and work over 2 decades.Brian Kelly Realtor

Being a Christian and a business man has been more challenging for me than it needed to be. What is so difficult about going to Church on Sunday and living this faith during the week? I was talking to another agent about the fish symbol people put on their car. “I don’t want to put that on my car because of the way I drive, I don’t want others to think that Christians always drive too fast and cut people off!” was their reply.

Full disclosure, I do not have a fish on my car, or the little stick family people either. Not that there is anything wrong with them. God has not asked me to do that ..yet. So what does working out my faith look like? I can tell you what seems to work so far and what does not work.

What works?

1. Daily submission and surrender. My Maker made my heart to serve. If I am not serving Him or another person, then I will serve myself or a god that I make. One little god I made in the past was a marketshare report.

2. Focusing on customer’s needs. Not a lightning bolt theory, but surprising how often I have not called a client back because I was too busy thinking about myself at the time.

3. Thinking about the true finish line. Heaven is the goal and the ultimate “Home” of a Christian Realtor. Helping other people find more “life” in their temporary home and pointing the way to that ultimate “prize” is our chief purpose as Realtors.

4. Working for our Maker. A listing does “technically” belong to the broker. Our heart is gathering listings for the pleasure of a higher authority. There is a noble calling in serving. He is calling me to be the best Realtor possible to lead others and serve clients and customers well.

What does not work?

1. Not working. The old joke in Realtor training class was that the “good” Christian Realtor marketing plan was to plant a sign and pray. No need to follow up and “work” to market the house. Marketing a home takes diligent effort. Lots of it. Not sure where being a Christian means being light in work. Somehow our culture seems to think that being a Christian is code for being lazy and watching prosperity TV preaching. Read Colossians 3:22-25.

2. Competing in wrong race. I used to think that I was competing with others. Now I realize that I competing against selfishness and resistance. The real competition is laying down my “old man” as a Christian and taking up my Maker’s cause.

3. Thinking about money. Money is simply a certificate of appreciation for work well done as a reward of diligent effort. Money becomes really elusive when it is your reason for striving. A focus on profit instead of customers is the beginning to a transactional business without a heart.

Honest politician and a Christian Realtor go into a bar. They enjoy each other’s company and agree to honor each other with respectful hard work.

Doesn’t have to be a joke. Can be the start of a great story. and they lived happily ever after….


Discovering your Chattanooga home, work, school, commute and community balance. Juggling life in 2013 is a challenge. We live in a busy and loud culture. We long for a quiet and peaceful refuge for home. Home represents security, nurture and relationship. At breakfast this morning the conversation turned to finding the “right’ area to live.Brian and Ray with Snow

Chattanooga is a unique patchwork of communities. I wrote about that in this blog for new comers. People who are new to town have a challenge as they consider different geographic areas and townships.

I attended a men’s conference at church this weekend. Men were discussing where they lived. One young man commented on his commute time. He lived less than a mile from work. He commented on the fact that he filled up his car every 2 months. He was truly saving a lot of money in his budget because of his short drive.

Another guy commented that he moved because he cut 45 minutes from his daily drive time and he was thankful to have additional time at home.

The counter opinion was offered by a friend of mine who decided to move to the country. He has a farm and a 40 minute drive each way to work. He plans time to return phone calls on his blue tooth and listen to certain audio tracks for teaching and encouragement. He commented that he really wants to separate his work from the peace and quiet of his slower lifestyle on the farm away from the office.

Men are concerned about protecting their family. School and community play an important role.

The neighborhood that sold the most new homes in 2013 was Prairie Pass in Apison. That is East of Colledgedale, TN. Apison Elementary, East Hamilton Middle and East Hamilton High School are the schools that are zoned for this community. All the schools are very new and young. The “community” is a subdivision. 24 homes sold in the first 9 months of 2013 in Prairie Pass. The sales prices range from $189,000 to $295,000.

Most of the men agreed that new construction was more desirable than “old” charm. The men were saying their wives liked the charm of older houses. So it is not surprising to me to see new homes being built with an old craftsman style, open eave look. The trade off for this newer home and younger school building is a lengthy commute.

What is your choice of lifestyle? Discovering your Chattanooga home, work, school, commute and community balance can prove challenging on your journey in life.


Some straight talk about termite letters and pest inspection. Inspections are part of a home purchase. Chattanooga home inspections usually include a “Termite Letter” or WDR (Wood Destroying Insect Report) for the benefit of the purchaser and their lender. Cicada Hatches

Chattanooga pest inspections can cost $45-$175. A pest control professional bought me a beer this afternoon and we discussed the “termite biz”.

I was curious why only a certain few pest companies “court” real estate agents for customers. Like any commercial concern there are many liabilities. A big event for a small pest company can be unseen damage to the naked eye and hidden evidence of active pests. ‘Termite Letters’ are warranted for 90 days in both Georgia and Tennessee by law. That means if a pest or organism event occurs within 3 months of inspection, then treatment and or repairs may be guaranteed by the pest control company. In Tennessee and Georgia corrective treatment may be warrantied but not repairs within the 90 day period.

You may think that your homeowners insurance policy covers damage from termites and other pests. Most home owners policies do not. For that matter, it was a rude awakening for many locally who had tornado and wind damage to learn their policy did not cover that type of event. So how do you lower the risks of damage?

If you have your home regularly treated and inspected. Ask them if they guarantee for any repair damage to the structure or if they are just guaranteeing to apply another free treatment in the case of damage. I learned today that many only warranty treatments, but do not cover the cost of repair. The warranty for re-treating may only cover so many feet from the incident. So one way of selling you may be to charge $400, but the treated area is very small. Compared to $800 may treat the entire foundation area with another company.

If you have a newer home you may think the builder’s pre-treat covers you for decades. If the builder’s contractor was honest and did a good job, the chemical may last 8-12 years. If the solution was diluted or sparse then the years diminish. Homes that are 8-20 years old make great lunches for termites according to my friend.


1. Review your home owners policy and find out if events such as damage from pests, and even wind are covered. Find out the gaps in coverage.

2. Remember the “Termite Letter” , WDR, WDO, “Clearance Letter”, may only be good for 30-45 days prior to closing. Depending on your state it may be guaranteed for 90 days after closing.

3. Pest companies that do many WDRs for Realtors may offer less protection for your home owners in the long run. Ask them about their ability to provide “Termite Bonds” for repair damage beyond guaranteeing the re-applicaiton of treatment.

Hope you learned a bit more about potential threats to your home from this straight talk about termite letters and pest inspection.